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Hillel at FIU provides opportunities for students to participate in Shabbat dinners on campus. With our student board and interns and the help of the staff team we put together monthly Shabbat dinners for students in a pluralistic and engaging way through themed meals and a true Shabbat feeling like home. Our food for Shabbat is always kosher and FREE for students. To learn more about Shabbat dinners on campus reach out to one of our staff members and they can tell you all about them!



This year at Hillel we offered students the chance to attend high holiday services in the Miami community. We celebrated Sukkot for the first time with a Sukkah built on the Graham Center Lawns for everyone in the FIU community to come stop by and experience the holiday. We also threw a Hanukkah party in Hillel with SAEPI South Miami. Next semester we have events planned like a Migillah reading, Passover Sedar and TuBishvat! 

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