Learning Fellowships


The Hillel at FIU Learning Fellowship offers six experiential, conversational seminars for students looking to deepen their understanding of a variety of subjects on their terms. Our job is to help you explore these subjects in a safe space and find your place, your community, and your answers.


Students, apply for one of the fellowships here! Community members sign up here!

The Program

Each fellowship is a 7-week seminar. We will meet weekly over zoom for an hour. We also invite Fellows to reflect on their big questions over a virtual 1:1 with our teachers and staff. Fellows may pick only one course out of six offered and earn a $75 scholarship and a certificate of completion at the end of the program. Here’s a peek at what we offer:

High Holidays: Starting the Year off the Right FIUt

(Thursdays, September 10 - October 22, at 12pm)

Facilitator: Rabbi Adam Gindea

Prepare for High Holidays Hillel at FIU style: question, laugh, seek, discuss, try out, find new and

unusual angles of the rituals and traditions known to you since childhood (or not)!


09/10 Haaave you met God?

Explore the values and themes of the High Holiday season.


09/17 Rosh Hashanah: The Shofar: A Calling From Within

A time to introspect but also interact.


09/24 Rosh Hashanah: Grasping the Infinite

The spirituality of the holiday.


10/1 Yom Kippur: What Would You Do if You Could Time Travel?

What’s so special about the most special day of the year?


10/8 Sukkot: the Power of Our Senses

Judaism as a religion that engages the whole human being, and how holiday symbolism reflects



10/15 Simchat Torah: a New You

How reinventing an old sacred text helps us reinvent ourselves.


10/22 The Calendar: Where Do We Go Now?

Staying anchored and connected through the Jewish year cycle.

Let’s Talk Social Justice! An Inside Look at Yerucham, Israel - Miami’s Partner City

(Wednesdays, September 16 - October 28, at 12pm)

Facilitator: Emma Breitman

Get ready to dive into the Israeli town of Yerucham, learn how it faces many social issues head-on.

Looking at everything from health inequalities to immigration to art, for seven weeks you will get

a taste of what it means to do social justice work in Yerucham. You’ll have a chance to

conceptualize these issues with Yeruham’s sister city – our home – Miami. You might just discover

that, although we may be over 6,000 miles away, our social justice work is very similar.

09/16 In the Center and at the Margins: An Introduction to Yerucham

Situating Yerucham and the Negev in the international and geopolitical landscape.


09/23 Health Inequities in the Negev

How does Yerucham’s location within Israel affect health outcomes?


09/30 Our Bedouin Neighbors: A Fragile Relationship

Overview of the recognized vs. unrecognized Bedouin localities and the resulting inequalities.


10/14 The Education Gap

The distribution and diversity of educational resources in Yerucham.


10/21 (previous week is skipped due to Sukkot) Fired or Hired? – The Politics of Unemployment

Blue-collar vs. white-color labor and a visit to Phoenicia Glass Factory.


10/28 Taking Refuge: Refugees in Yerucham

Discover the various refugee groups in Yerucham and their similarities to refugees in the U.S.


11/4 The Art of Social Justice: Art and Design in Yeruham

Whose traditions do we preserve and whose are decimated?

Israel Learning Fellowship

(Tuesdays, September 29 - November 10, at 6:30pm)

Facilitator: Anni Lupu

Join our friends from Hillel at FSU and an impressive group of speakers to wrestle with the

“hottest” topics in Israeli history and modern society.


09/29 Israel’s Story

Dive into the culture and world contributions of Israel and explore what Israel means to you. What

do we know and what do not know about Israel, and why does it matter?


10/06 The Conflict

Learn the basics of the relationship between Israel and Palestine, the history behind the

thousands of years old struggle for peace and the lengths at which Israel goes to ensure the

safety of its citizens.


10/13 From Foe to Friend

Meet Sebastian Parra, an anti- Zionist turned friend of Israel. Sebastian will share his story of how

he was taught to hate Israel during college and became very radical, participated in 2015 in a

StandWithUs program for student leaders in Israel and became a passionate advocate for Israel

ever since.


10/20 Ethiopians in Israel

Discover the story of the Ethiopian community: the struggles of being Jewish in Ethiopia, the dramatic arrival in Israel, and the not-so-easy life as a minority in Israel.


10/27 LGBTQ+ in Israel

Join Elior, Israel Fellow at Santa Cruz Hillel, as he discusses LGBTQ life in Israel, its developments, accomplishments, and present-day obstacles, through the lens of his own story, his music, and his reflections.


11/2 (This week the session will be on Monday due to The Presidential Elections) Lone Soldiers

Meet the Lone Soldiers, and hear their story: what brought them to Israel, and what made them leave everything behind, move to a different country and join the military? We will talk about the struggles, acquiring a new language, serving in the military with no family support by your side, and more. 


11/10 Israel 2020 and Beyond

Where do we belong in the story of Israel and how do we make it part of our own journey.


Judaism Vs. the World

(Thursdays, October 8 - November 19, at 3pm)

Facilitator: Rabbi Russ Shulkes

Everything you wanted to ask a Rabbi but were afraid to do so! Bring your most pressing

questions about Judaism in the XXI century, and debate, and explore them in a safe community

of your peers and friends.


10/8 If not now when? Why shall we care about Judaism?

Is Judaism a religion? Ethnicity? Culture? Is it relevant to the XXI century humans?


10/15 Sex, Love, and Romance: Toward a Postmodern Jewish Ethic

Grappling with the ever-important questions through the lens of Jewish values.


10/22 The Talmud Of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Exploration of Judaism’s relationship with the Civil Rights Movement and our call for Social



10/29 Jewish Pride

Jewish beliefs & practices around LGBTQ+


11/5 Two “Isms”  We Love: Judaism & Feminism

Women in Judaism, Judaism about/for/with women


11/12 Inked In: Jews & Tattoos

Can Jews have tattoos? Will you be buried in a Jewish cemetery? Is it ok? Old wives’ tales or real prohibitions? Learn what Judaism has to say about it.


11/19 Is this Kosher? Food ethics in Judaism

What is Kashrut? Why is Kashrut? Does it have to do with ethics? Health? Economy? Let’s explore.


Business Seminar

(Tuesdays, October 13 - November 24, at 3pm)

Facilitator: Matt Mester

The Business Seminar is designed to develop communication skills to be competitive in business.

Prepare for your professional life as a college student and postgraduate, and compete in the

business world. Make connections with your cohort and learn the tools to  succeed in the

business world.

10/13 Investing Basics for Gen Z

Discover the ins and outs of how the stock market operates. Learn about the trends to look for on

the market and ways to help grow your financial income.

10/20 Am I Considered an Entrepreneur?

Learn how you can start your own business or thrive in a career. Grow your vision into a successful



10/27 LinkedIn Learning

Explore the best ways to utilize LinkedIn, an app geared towards highlighting your career as a

professional. Showcase your skills in a professional setting and put your best foot forward.

11/3 What is “Entertainment” and why is it important?

Sports, music, television and movies play an important role in our society. Find out what it’s like to be a leader in the entertainment industry and how it shapes American life and business.

11/10 Introduction to Commercial Real Estate

Discover the basics of establishing your career in the Real Estate industry. What are the necessary tools to survive in this type of business? What does Miami have to offer in this field?


11/17 Budgeting on a Budget: College Lifestyle

How do you budget money when you're taking classes, working, and living your social life as a college student? Educate yourself on the importance of learning how to budget.


11/24 Seeing Through the Employer’s Eye: Resume & Cover Letter Workshop

We have all been told how important it is to have a resume and cover letter for applying to jobs, but now you can learn the proper way to design one. We will go over the dos and don'ts of what should be on your resume and cover letter.


If I am not for myself? – Finding Your Inner Leader

(Mondays, October 19- November 30, at 5pm)

Facilitator: Jon Warech

Learn how to find your voice and become a leader through meaningful discussions

about leadership, communication, branding, milestones, and more. Build the leadership skills you

need to stand out and take your life to the next level.

10/19 My Journey. My Legacy

Discover how to tell the story of you -- how you got to this point today and how to use that to

pave your future. Evaluate the key moments of your life and use them to be intentional about

your future.


10/26 The Art of Trying New Things

Confused as to what you care about in this world? Figure out how to find your passions while

understanding that interest and passions change throughout your life. Change is easier than you



11/2 Intentionality, Gratitude, and Appreciating the Moment

Change your mindset to positivity, identify the good in your life, and document your experiences

properly to provide a lifetime of happiness evidence.


11/9 Judaism as a Tool for Success

From networking to finding meaning in the work that you do, learn to use Jewish life to enhance your journey.


11/16 Being Your Brand

Using social media and creating an image for success, the art of charm, and the understanding that every job is a sales job.


11/23 When Failure is a Good Thing

Learn from mistakes, gain new knowledge, and understand your strengths and weaknesses in order to pave a path to leadership.


11/30 …Who Will Be For Me?

Relationship building, friendship, and partnerships that can change your life.

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