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Hillel at FIU Learning Fellowships are experiential, conversational seminars for students, looking to deepen their understanding of a variety of subjects on their terms. Our job is to help you explore these subjects in a safe space and find your voice, your community, and your answers.


The Program

We offer 4 Jewish Learning Fellowships (aka JLFs) this semester. Each fellowship meets once a week, for

8 weeks, for an hour, starting in February. It is open to all FIU students and will be taught virtually.

Additionally, fellows earn $200 at the end of the semester. We also invite Fellows to reflect on their big

questions over a virtual 1:1 with our teachers and staff. We are looking for a small cohort, spaces are

extremely limited, if you are interested, apply today!


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Tikkun Olam and You - Tikkun Olam Learning Experience

Mondays at 1 pm, starting February 8

Facilitator: Emma Breitman // In partnership with

Hillel of Warsaw


Together with students from Poland and Brazil dive deep into the concept of Tikkun Olam

(Repair the World) and understand how justice is a core tenet of Judaism. Through the

combination of Jewish texts and modern-day sources, we will explore topics ranging from

empathy to inclusion to power dynamics to unpack why pursuing Justice is a Jewish value. 

2/8 The Power of Empathy

How is being empathetic at the very core of Tikkun Olam? How can we use our empathy to

make a difference?


2/15 How do we Wield Power? 

Who has power in our world? Where do Jews land in this? How is power wielded within our

own community?


2/22 For Whom am I Responsible: Community Care 

What are the Jewish values behind caring for those inside and outside of our community?


3/1 Who’s In and Who’s Out 

What does inclusion really look like in our work and what obligation do we have to include

others in our work?


3/8 Oops I did it Again - Making Mistakes 

Discomfort can often be part of justice work as we unlearn our implicit biases. How do we learn to be okay with being uncomfortable?


3/15 Agree to Disagree 

What happens to Justice work when people disagree with one another? How does Justice work benefit from disagreement?


3/22 Treat Yourself to Self-Care 

It is common in justice work to assume that it's all about helping others, but you cannot help others if you don’t take care of yourself first. How is self care essential to Tikkun Olam?


3/29 Leaders of Tomorrow 

Using the story of Passover as a case study, how was leadership central to Jewish liberation? Who are some prominent leaders of this moment who are helping to liberate us all?


Faces of Israel - Israel Learning Experience

Wednesdays  at 6:30  pm, starting February 10

Facilitator: Anni Lupu // In partnership with Hillel at FSU

The word “Israel” means different things to different people. Some will think about the

conflict, some about the culture, and some about religion. But what makes a country? Its

people. The people of Israel are the ones who made history, created the culture, and built

the country. In this fellowship we will present and discuss different sides and aspects of

Israel through its people and their stories.

2/10 Shalom!

Introduction and get to know each other

2/17 The Conflict: Background

A conversation with Michelle Rojas-Tal, director of the Israel Fellow program 

2/24 The  People of Conflict

A conversation with Mohmed Yassin, a Palestinian-Israeli student from the University of



3/3 IDF Panel 

A panel with former Israeli soldiers to discuss their personal stories and talk about their

experience in the military.


3/10 From the Kibbutz to the City

The history of Israeli fashion: a conversation with Liri Cohen Mordechai, a fashion blogger and lecturer.


3/17 the Ethiopian community in Israel

Watching an episode from the tv show ‘’slicha al ha’sheela’’ (sorry for the questions) where Israeli-ethiopians answering tough questions about their experience being ethiopians in Israel. Following this, we will host a panel with 2-3 Israel fellows from the ethiopian community who will share their personal perspective on race issues in Israel and America.  


3/24 Rainbow Tour TLV

Join us on a virtual journey through the historic streets of queer Tel Aviv, where we will hear from all corners of the LGBT arch about the challenges and successes of the community from then until today.


3/31 Yallah, bye!

Concluding the fellowship with a Passover surprise! 


Torah as Art: Rated “R” - Jewish Learning Fellowship

Thursdays at 6 pm, starting February 11

Facilitator: Olga Zelzburg Alterman // In partnership with UM Hillel

Can Jewish spiritual practice be understood as a kind of art? How can the artistic process

illuminate Jewish living? To address these question, we will look at some of the themes that

have occupied modern art production and consumption, in particular – the presence or

absence of the author; the possibility of creations going out of control; the tension

between discipline and creative spontaneity in art production, and the poetics of darkness

and light. By showcasing some of the common themes between classical Jewish texts and

modern art, we hope that we might begin to imagine a new intersection between Judaism

and art.


Life’s Big Questions: The Torah of Rick & Morty

Wednesdays at 3 pm, starting February 10

Facilitator: Rabbi Russ Shulkes

JLF is a 10-week experiential, conversational seminar for students looking to deepen their

understanding of Judaism on their own terms. We’re interested in asking big questions.

You know, the big stuff like “who am I? What communities am I a part of? What is worth

committing myself to, and why?” We make no claims about the “right” way to practice or

not to practice Judaism. Our job is to help you explore the tradition in a safe space and

find your own place, on your terms. Rick and Morty gifts us the anti-heroes the world

desperately needs and probably deserves. Let's explore life's big questions as we welcome

Ricky and Morty as our guest rabbinical guides along with a mix of text study.

Wubba Lubba Torah Dub!

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