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  • How do I join Hillel at FIU?
    Hillel at FIU is home to over 3,500 Jewish students and over 50,000 total students. Hillel does not have a formal membership or fees to join our organization. Our Hillel isn’t an organization that students belong to – Hillel belongs to them. Anyone can attend Hillel’s programs and events from Shabbat dinners, to Hillel Hoops and Cafe Ivrit. For more information about our events subsribe to our mailing list to be updated on what is happening on campus.
  • Where can I find more information about Hillel?
    If you want to find out more information about what is happening at Hillel you are already in the right place! Our website has everything on it from our mission and history to our calendar of events (you can even sync it to your google calendar). We encourage you to also meet with any of our staff members to learn what happens on a daily basis in Hillel (emails on the staff page). FREE coffee for all first time meet ups!
  • Do you celebrate Shabbat on campus?
    Yes we do! Hillel at FIU has Shabbat dinner on campus once a month. All of the food at Shabbat is kosher too. There is no official dress code for Shabbat dinners but tell students to come in nicer clothes. If you are coming straight from class don't worry about changing!
  • How can I become a Jewish student leader at FIU?
    Hillel at FIU has a student board and interns that puts together program, speakers and events on campus. This starts at the beginning of each Spring semester and finishes at the end of the Fall semester. There are also many student groups on campus that provide leadership opportunities in clubs and organizations as well as fellowship for Israel programming on campus. Check out our student board page to check them out. Have a specific question about one of these groups? Emails and social media pages are linked to their names on the Hillel Student Board/Interns page!
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